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The Zakariasen crew is in the home stretch this seeding season!

We had the chance to head out past Standard this afternoon for one of our last deliveries of the season for Seed and Feed powered by Jays Mechanical Repair (JMR) with lunch from Mikes Bar and Grill 

Today we visited Zakariasen Farms, a family run farm that has been in operation for over 70 years.  

Tyler Zakariasen explained what is this year looked like as they get ready to wrap up their seeding, "The seeding season has gone good so far. Looked a little bleak to begin with, with it being so dry. I think everyone was and still is pretty worried about weather. But we are grateful for what little moisture has come so far, we need a lot more, but some was great. But no breakdowns since we started and it's been steady which is nice. Hope to be finished tomorrow. We're in the final stretch"

There were a couple of other challenges for the crew outside of just the weather, "My uncle had ordered parts for the seeder back in January, and with the "supply shortages" he didn't get them until almost the second week in May. Had them hot shot from Regina over night to finally get them. Everything else was ready to go and we were waiting on those parts that were absolutely vital to get going. Got them and my uncle, dad, cousin James and myself all hammered out the repairs in less than a day to get going. I think I also speak for almost every farmer in this country when talking about the challenges with the rising cost of inputs this year. Its almost a minimum 30% increase across the board on everything. It'll be an interesting year when it comes to a close."

The family also has 200 head of cattle that keep them busy in the winter.  It is a family operation for the grain side of things, Tyler explained. He and his father run the cattle and last year his dad a knee replacement, so he was supervising duties.  

Tyler said that he has gotten right back to this year, " You'd never keep dad from working for too long. He's back, and doing just as much if not more than before. Sometimes I think I'm working hard, then my dad or uncle will show up and humble my attitude very quickly. They're are always the first to show up and the last to leave every day. Old man strength and will is abundant with those two."

With 2600 acres of canola, barely and wheat almost in the books the crew is happy to see the end in sight and for full bellies to get there thanks to Mike's Bar and Grills pizza delivery! 

With seeding wrapping up for many farms in the area we do have a couple of deliveries left, nominate a farm today at strathmorenow.com